Body Language Expert Stunned The Queen Did This At The Funeral

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The List
Published on 18.04.2021

Prince Philip's funeral, although tiny, was nevertheless full of pomp and pageantry befitting the passing of the longest-serving royal consort. There was lovely music performed by a choir (a chamber choir, in this instance); a piper playing The Last Post and chorus; and despite having been warned to stay away due to ever-present COVID danger, crowds still lined the streets, hoping for one last glimpse of their beloved Duke of Edinburgh, a man many considered to be the entire nation's grandpa.

In fact, in one last act of service he performed for his own family, Prince Philip's funeral brought so-called "strayed sheep" Prince Harry back home, if even for a flying visit, and it seems as if he may even have exchanged a few words with his estranged brother. (Grandpa would have been sure to approve.)

The one image that will stay with all of us, however, is that of his widow, the 94-year-old queen, sitting all alone in her pew, head bowed, looking surprisingly small and vulnerable and oh, so heartbreakingly alone despite being the ruler of a nation of over 68 million people, not to mention assorted realms and territories. Body language expert Jason Lee, a former professional poker player who now works as a relationship science and data analyst with Healthy Framework, noticed one moment during the funeral where the queen did something unexpected. He spoke with The List afterwards, giving his interpretation of what he saw and what he thinks it means.

Watch this video for what The Queen did at the funeral that stunned a body language expert!

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